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    At Lyvup, we offer a wide range of innovative Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and health solutions designed to assist individuals in achieving their health goals and enhancing their overall well-being. Our therapies focus on prevention, symptom reduction, and are evidence-based. 

    • Improved health
    • Reduced risk of complications
    • Increased resilience and well-being
    • Enhanced productivity and quality of life


    Our products



    A healthy lifestyle is at the core of many chronic diseases. At Lyvup, we assist you in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This leads to an improved quality of life, increased productivity, enhanced mental health, higher energy levels, a strengthened immune system, and weight management. Together, we bring out the best in you as an individual!



    At Lyvup, we understand the challenges of obesity and offer customized programs to help you achieve your weight goals. Using digital therapeutics, we provide you with the tools and support necessary for successful and sustainable weight loss. Together, we work towards promoting your health and well-being.


    Cardiac rehabilitation

    Our digital therapeutic programs aid in the recovery after a heart problem and promote a healthy lifestyle. We provide guidance and exercises to improve fitness and reduce the risk of future complications.


    Gestational diabetes

    For women with gestational diabetes, we offer personalized support and guidance to manage blood sugar levels. We assist in creating and maintaining a healthy diet plan and provide exercise tips during pregnancy.


    Mentale health

    We understand how stress and overload can lead to burnout, depression, or other mental health issues. Our programs focus on reducing stress, promoting resilience, and restoring balance. We address awareness, social support, and early intervention. We provide tools and guidance to enhance mental and emotional well-being.


    More to come

    We are consantly busy with developing new programs to give solutions for new health issues. 


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