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    What we do

    At Lyvup, we believe that accessible and affordable healthcare is crucial for a healthy society. Our mission is to provide innovative digital therapies that seamlessly align with the needs of individuals of all ages, socioeconomic statuses, languages, or digital skills.

    Accessible healthcare

    Accessibility is a top priority for us. With our digital therapy, patients can receive the care they need from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for frequent visits to their healthcare providers. This convenience enhances the healthcare experience and promotes treatment adherence.

    Affordable healthcare

    Furthermore, we strive for affordable healthcare through efficiency and innovation. With telehealth and digital therapeutics (DTx), we optimize the healthcare process and reduce patient dropout rates. In a time when healthcare costs are rising, and there is a shortage of healthcare professionals, our solutions contribute to maintaining the highest quality of care.

    Personalized healthcare

    We also strongly believe in personalized care. Each individual has unique needs and motivations, and our AI-driven approach ensures that our therapies align with these. By promoting sustainable behavior change, we aim to improve the quality of life for all our users. Moreover, we continue to provide care as long as it is needed to ensure a lasting positive impact."


    Our mission

    At Lyvup, we strive for affordable, effective healthcare for all. We believe it is possible to provide the same quality of care at a lower cost.

    For this reason, we focus on digital therapies for chronic conditions and emphasize prevention. We aim to tap into the personal motivation of each individual, so they are motivated to work on their health and play an active role in their healthcare journey.

    Our vision

    Our vision is centered on improving the health and well-being of people. We aim to provide effective care that results in positive health outcomes for our users.

    By focusing on cost-efficiency, we strive for cost savings in healthcare, making quality care more accessible to a wider audience. Our vision also includes empowering individuals, reducing dropout rates, and enabling them to confidently work on their health and well-being.

    Together, we aim to transform healthcare and contribute to a healthier and happier society



    Our Partnerships

    UMC Amsterdam